The ultimate cleaning experience.

Green Grade cleaning is a step above our usual Core Grade service, although both utilise green cleaning products along with a microfibre cleaning system.

Core Grade cleaning is an affordable cleaning service that covers general surface sanitisation and cleaning of floors. Any customer can request this service, but we would recommend it especially for homes that do not require extensive special measures.

Our Green Grade service is deluxe. This service goes above and beyond regular cleaning and may take longer than a weekly Core Grade service.

Green Grade customers also benefit from an upgraded vacuuming system approved by the British Allergy Foundation. The vacuum is fitted with a double filtration system that produces HEPA 11 Filtration. This has been proven to reduce house dust mite allergen and cat allergen. The Core Services family is home to allergy sufferers and pet owners, and they noticed a difference after regular use.

We confer with our customers to create a cleaning specification that includes any extra measures they request. A copy of this is then signed off at the completion of each clean. In the instance of a task being missed or not completed to a satisfactory degree, Green Grade customers may benefit from our Shine On guarantee. This is when a cleaning operative will return to the property to complete any outstanding work within three working days, free of charge. To qualify for this a customer must be present at the conclusion of each session, and must contact us within 24 hours.

We try to be as flexible as possible with this service.

Some prefer a mixed service, whereby certain areas of their home are cleaned to Green Grade standard while the rest is cleaned to Core standard. This would be reflected in the final invoice. Others book a weekly Core Grade service but will upgrade to Green Grade every six weeks, or as needed.

Green Grade customers are always the first to benefit from any new cleaning methods and products we may implement. We rely on our Green Grade customers for their honesty in product reviews and feedback.

Please contact us today to discuss further details.